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It's important for a CEO to be passionate and enthusiastic, but there's a line of professionalism that must always be maintained. According to a report from the technology website Venture Beat, PayPal CEO David Marcus wrote a critical letter to his employees blaming them for not using PayPal products and encouraging them to leave if they didn't have the passion to use the products they work for. According to the website, part of the leaked letter reads: “It's been brought to my attention that when testing paying with mobile at Cafe 17 last week, some of you refused to install the PayPal app, and others didn't even remember their PayPal passwords. That's unacceptable to me, and the rest of my team, everyone at PayPal should use our products where available. That's the only way we can make them better, and better.” “In closing, if you are one of the folks who refused to install the PayPal app or if you can't remember your PayPal password, do yourself a favor, go and find something that will connect with your heart and mind elsewhere.” While not obvious at first, the letter reveals a problem of morale and culture at PayPal. As an executive, you certainly want your employees to use and promote your products. However, when faced with a situation where staff isn't embracing what they make, you need to investigate the root of the problem -- not threaten. When faced with internal problems, good executives start by asking “why”. They reach out to their executive team first and then to the entire staff to find the root of a problem and how to fix it. Sending out a one-sided note about the problem is not leading, it's retreating. Leadership starts by listening. Good executives need to get out among the staff and ask questions and listen without judgment or reaction. The fact that company employees are not embracing and using its products is a failure of leadership that Marcus needs to address by self-reflection. At the end of the day, if his employees have to be forced to use the app, how can he expect consumers to want to willingly pay to use it? Marcus should have focused on three questions: • Why are you not using the app? • What is it that we can do to ensure you use our app? • What do you need from me?1. A CEO only needs to be passionate and enthusiastic. (1) 2. It is not professional that PayPal CEO blames his employees for not using PayPal or forgetting PayPal passwords. (2) 3. “A one-sided note” refers to the root of PayPal's problem. (3) 4. When faced with internal problems, good executives find the root of a problem in their executive team first. (4) 5. Good executives need to give feedback immediately when they are listening to the staff. (5)
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When you think of team building, do you immediately picture your group off at a resort playing games or hanging from ropes? Traditionally, many organizations approach team building in this way but, then, they wonder why that wonderful sense of teamwork that had been displayed at the retreat or the seminar fails to impact long term beliefs and actions back at work. I'm not averse to retreats, planning sessions, seminars, and team building activities – in fact I lead them – but they have to form part of a much larger teamwork effort. You will not build teamwork by “retreating” as a group for a couple of days each year, instead you need to think of team building as something you do every single day. • Form teams to solve real work issues and to improve real work processes. Provide training in systematic methods so the team expends its energy on the project, not on trying to work out how to work together as a team to approach the problem. • Hold department meetings to review projects and progress, to obtain broad input, and to coordinate shared work processes. If there is friction between team members, examine the work processes they mutually own – the problem is not usually their personalities; instead, it is often the fact that the team members haven't agreed on how they will deliver a product or service, or the steps required to get something done. • Build fun and shared occasions into the organization's agenda – hold pot luck lunches, take the team to a sporting event, sponsor dinners at a local restaurant, go hiking, or go to an amusement park. Hold a monthly company meeting, sponsor sports teams and encourage cheering team fans. • Use ice breakers and teamwork exercises at meetings – these help team members get to know each other, share details about each other's lives, and have a laugh together. • Celebrate team successes publicly. There are many ways you could do this, for instance by buying everyone the same t-shirt or hat, putting team member names in a draw for company merchandise, and gift certificates. The only thing limiting you is your imagination. If you do the types of teamwork building listed above, you'll be amazed at the progress you will make in creating a teamwork culture, a culture that enables individuals to contribute more than they ever thought possible – together.1. Team building event is traditionally related to playing games at the resort. (1) 2. The author claims that playing games together is as important as forming teams to solve real work issues and improve real work processes for team building. (2) 3. “Retreat” in the first paragraph means withdrawal of troops after a defeat. (3) 4. Ice breaking motivates team members to compete with each other. (4) 5. A good teamwork culture enables individuals to make more efforts together. (5)
Men and women in the team are interested in different things, we should avoid ________ them something they don't want.
Google does just that by hosting employee forums every Friday, ________ they discuss the 20 most-asked questions.
练习2(多选):政府认同社会问题并使其成为公共政策问题的条件( )
政策工具是实现政策目标的基本途径。(     )
从系统论角度看,(     )可看做政策主体、政策客体和政策环境三者不断进行物质、信息和能量交换,由信息、咨询、决断、执行和监控等子系统构成的有机整体。
(    )是贯彻执行国家法律和政策,管理国家内政外交等行政事务的机关。
利益集团的特征有(    )。
练习1(单选):由专业人员组成的跨学科、跨领域的综合性政策研究组织被称为( )。
练习1(单选):在西方,与立法权、行政权和司法权并列的“第四种权力”是指( )
练习1(单选):( )是公共政策主体的核心力量。
公共政策是政府在对全社会公共利益进行(    )中所制定的行为准则。
公共政策的功能包括(    )。
公共政策是(     )依据特定时期的目标,通过对社会中各种利益进行选择与整合,在追求有效增进与公平分配社会利益中所制定的行为准则。
(     )构成政策系统运行的外部条件,影响和制约着公共政策过程。
第三部门研究的一个核心课题是(     )
为便于使用,社会贴现率仍然是以( )作为参照标准。
公债流通市场的交易方式有(   ) 。

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